Life in the Cloud from the perspective of a thirty-year technologist

RSTOR recently announced that we were expanding yet again as our customers’ needs increase around the world. We’ve put new Cloud centers in Europe, Japan and Australia to meet the needs of the customers in that region, or those customers who have offices in those regions. This is an important thing because the idea of data locality is key when it comes to speed and protection.

One of the things that makes the RSTOR Space solution so attractive is that I can, with the click off a mouse, have instant DR for my Cloud S3 storage. When creating buckets in the RSTOR Cloud, you select the regions you want that bucket to replicate to. Read that again…you select which buckets (not all if you don’t want) . So using RSTOR you can quickly and easily ensure that your data now resides in multiple places. This is important not only for DR, but also for accessing the data.

Let’s say that I have an office in San Jose, CA, one ini Osaka, Japan and one in Sydney, Australia. My HQ is in San Jose, but I have developers in all three spots. I can create a bucket that replicates to all three zones, and when I put the data in one, the others get it. What happens when you drop a connection for whatever reason? Easy, the system senses that and reroutes the traffic to a different region that you might normally directly write to, and then the system will, on the backend, correct it when it is time to do so.

What happens when you are in Sydney and you need to access the files on the Cloud, you’ll pull them from the Sydney Cloud as if you were sitting in San Jose pulling them from there. It’s all about the “put – get” methodology we use. That means you put and get the data from the location that is closest to you, and we let the mess fabric that we have built on the back end do all the movement. Pretty cool…huh?

This different way of doing things is one of the reasons that more and more customers are looking at the RSTOR solution for their Cloud needs. It is this idea of more or less “redefining” what a true Enterprise ready Cloud provides for its customers. Look for more really innovative things coming from RSTOR in the coming weeks & months.

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