Life in the Cloud from the perspective of a thirty-year technologist

I grew up watching Star Trek. Not the Start Trek with Capt. Picard, Commander Data and the crew, but the old-school Star Trek. Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, bad cardboard cutouts for sets. You know…OLD SCHOOL Star Trek. I used to love it when they said “Beam Me Up…” and the intrepid space travelers disappeared and ended up back on the ship. I thought, how cool is this! Maybe one day we’ll be able to do this.

We’re not quite there when it comes to travel, but we ARE there when it comes to your data. How do we get the data from here to there, quickly, efficiently and without disruption. In the world of multi-Cloud environments, cost reduction, business efficiencies and such, companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs without it impacting operations.

I get frequent questions from customers that are running in AWS, Google or Azure that want to reduce their Cloud storage costs, “How do I get my data from one of these other Cloud providers to RSTOR without it taking forever? Easy answer, the RSTOR Transporter. What does it do? Simply put, it takes the data that you have in any S3-compliant Cloud, and moves it to any S3-compliant Cloud with a simple point-click operation. It’s really that simple, and better than that, its lightning fast.

Move your data quickly with transporter

You may have ninety-nine problems in your IT strategy. Cloud Storage and Cloud Data Transport should not be one of them. Visit us today and see how Transporter can work for you!

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