Life in the Cloud from the perspective of a thirty-year technologist

In part one we talked about the ugly truth of Cloud storage costs, and how we really can’t predict with any certainly what my needs will be quarter over quarter. Cloud costing is really a moving target, and in lean times, moving targets are not a welcome thing. Even in the great times they make it harder to really plan. In this article we’ll discuss the RSTOR pricing model, and how you can once and for all know EXACTLY what you’ll be paying, thanks in no small part to the RSTOR online pricing calculator.

RSTOR has made the process of pricing out your solution by keeping it simple. We charge a FLAT $.0045/GB to have reliable, redundant, modern and secure S3 Cloud Storage. Just like some of the mobile phone carriers with “no hidden fees” or as we all hear when we go to the car dealership…tax, tag, title and insurance…we have a bottom like that we can work with. The RSTOR calculator is a simple tool that I invite you to try out. Let’s take a few examples here and see how it comes out.

Let’s say that Bob, for example, needs simple S3 Cloud storage for 500TB of data that, while important, does not require a lot of redundancy. They have a copy internally. Maybe this is his backup archive. When I use the RSTOR Calculator, I can see it breaks down like this. With RSTOR Space, Bob is looking at spending $2,304.00 per month with 100 GB egress traffic, In AWS, that same breakdown would cost you $11,324.00. Azure would cost $10,298.00 and GCP would cost you $10,254.00. That’s a huge difference. But it only gets better.

What happens when we throw some variables in there, like, for example, three copies of the data, and you have a bunch of reads and writes. It looks something like this, and once again, RSTOR comes out on top;

Finally, lets look at Archive, because this is where it really gets interesting, and it is where companies want to draw you in with the idea of cheap storage but it ends up costing you a ton in the end when you go past 4% reads. What ever happened to archive pricing?

So when you look at this, it does make you wonder how companies continue to pay the rates they are when there is a simple solution that gives you exactly what you need, at a fraction of the price. So I ask you, red pill, or blue pill?

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