Life in the Cloud from the perspective of a thirty-year technologist

I live in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, to be exact). While we’re not exactly known for our awesome public transit system, we do have an improving system. Our high-speed rail called “Brightline” is an amazing. Tool for those of us who get tired of driving and parking in Miami. I love it. But when the pandemic hit, Brightline came to a halt, and it was one of many signs that things were not going to be “normal” for a while. Then not long ago, I was sitting at a train crossing, waiting for the long Florida East Coast Railroad train to crawl past. But it was not the FEC train. It was Brightline, and it ripped past in an instant. People were honking their horns and cheering. It was a sign that things are getting back to normal.

Welcome back Brightline!

While Brightline was able to shut down as long as it needed to , not all companies were in a position to do that because the mission of the company was vital to the success of the business world to continue to provide the goods and services that people relied on at home when they still had to work and be productive. We’ll talk more about that in a bit, but suffice it to say, every company had to adjust to a “new normal” for an extended period of time, Some thrived during the pandemic. Some barely survived, and many did not. But for those in the IT world we discovered the true value of agility in the middle of the pandemic because everyone had to keep going. More and more data was created and stored, and IT played an even bigger part than many would have ever guessed they would because they had to adjust to a remote workforce.

RSTOR was no exception. In fact, RSTOR was a company that saw the situation, and I like many companies that were letting go of talent, they hired, and they continued to press ahead knowing that there were a lot of unknowns. But what we DID know is that the value of storage was increasing and the need to provide it with a rich feature set was more important than ever. They, like many companies, continued to hire, onboard, and grow teams without the traditional collaboration that we’ve all been used to. To this day I’ve not yet met my boss some nine months into this thing.

I heard it said not long ago by an industry leader that Cloud has not really changed that much in the past fifteen years. The base has not changed…just the number of add-ons, and the price (which just continues to increase.) RSTOR, on the other hand set out to be different, and to be the next generation of Cloud built with redundancy, performance and security at the time when all of these things are more necessary than ever before. Cloud adoption has grown exponentially, and that is likely going to be the trajectory for the coming future as people have learned that there is a value in not having to drive to the data center when they can do it from their desk, and they can expand or shrink their environment with the push of a button.

I don’t think any of us really knows yet what the future holds for any of us personally or professionally. But for companies such as RSTOR who bring the goods and services to those that need it, the future is as bright as ever. Stay Cloudy, my friends.

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